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Lifestyle 180 - Leanness Lifestyle UniversityClick Image To Visit SiteFor all the pain and failures of the past, for all the broken promises to yourself, there’s a fire within you, a part of you that won’t give up, that will never be at peace until you are in control of your health, your energy and your body.

Since 1999 when I wrote The Leanness Lifestyle and created the first online weight-loss education course, I have helped thousands of men and women from every walk of life to sculpt their bodies, heal their minds, and permanently lose the weight.

You’re heavier than you want to be. It’s painful to think about. 25, 50, 100 pounds heavier than you ever imagined.

The battle scars may be clear– joint issues, slow-to-heal injuries, fatigue, diabetes, menopause, high blood pressure or cholesterol. You really do have less muscle and a slower metabolism than when you were a teenager.

The infomercials promise miracles for $19.95 and just minutes a day. Your friend is doing a cleanse, maybe you should just do paleo. It’s all so confusing.

Isn’t that what you’ve told yourself over and over? Yet here you are, still too heavy and not doing it, whatever IT is.


Disheartened, beaten down, tired, disgusted, frustrated. These words only scratch the surface for what it feels like. Should you even try again? What if you fail? It’s unbearable to think about wasting money, maybe or maybe not losing weight, again, only to regain it, again.

But you know what else is true now that we’re no longer teenagers? You’ve got wisdom, humility, and life experiences. You’ve tried the quick-fix gimmicks, gadgets, and pills. You’re ready and able to learn what really works and to close the 2% gap between… Read more…


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